Thursday, May 6, 2010

Planning Ahead

Surrender, yet prepare. Ask, yet expect.

I've done it. I've purchased both festival passes and registered for the race. This, more than a month before any of the events. It is a bit scary for me. A month is a long time. What if something better comes along? What if I change my mind? What if? What if? What if.....? In a universe of uncertainty how does one commit to non-refundable tickets this far in advance. Luckily, I've already got a grasp on uncertainty. Uncertainty is certain. Easy enough. Now, I am pondering planning ahead. While it first seemed that this is opposite of "going with the flow", upon further consideration, I have concluded these seemingly opposites are not mutually exclusive and a healthy balance would be the most advantageous route.

Planning ahead requires intention, choosing and commitment. Inherently, a certain outcome is desired. Desire lends itself to attachment or expectation. Lots of horrifying words to me.

Going with the flow, on the other hand, involves lack of expectation and non-attachment to outcome. The expression implies passivity, maybe even waiting or reacting.

Practicing an active form of non-attachment would be ideal. The idea is to direct the flow, but not impede, pollute, or get washed away in it. And most definitely not to argue it. Planning is necessary to get anything accomplished or desire met (preparing or asking). But the trick is to execute the plan without any attachment to the outcome (surrender). If the plan does not work out, then it is certain that the wrong choice was made in the first place. If it works out, then its reaffirmed. It is hardly decisive. The commitment is only to the actions of initiation and planning. "Putting it out there". That's all.

Expecting is a the tricky and awesome part. This is where the attracting or manifesting, if you will, comes into play. But, it is still coupled with surrender and non-attachement to outcome. Expecting can direct the flow, but surrendering acknoweledges that the current of the universe will act in your best interest and push you along if you are blinded by the muck of attachment and desire.

While I've traditionally been a card-carrinying member of the "go with the flow" club, recently this planning ahead-business is creeping on me. I guess, it is because I am developing ideas of things I think I may want to experience or accomplish. Things that involve more foresight and planning than just having the intention in my head. But same rules still apply. Be conscious, honest, and accepting, Plan to go with the flow. The seemingly opposites are only seemingly so.