Sunday, April 24, 2016

Meet Glorious!

I am now fully integrated into my third vehicle/home...Glorious!  As a decade of part-time, vehicle-dwelling passes, I can think of no better way, in which I choose to exist.  Although, I aspire to continue upgrading the vehicles, I live in, this lifestyle is exactly what I want to be doing, currently.  It is awesome.  And getting more enjoyable everyday!  

While, the interior design of my home is a never-ending, on-going project, I'll give a tour of the inside, in its current, semi-disheveled, state.  I still need to do a bit of downsizing, after moving out of the condo, that was my van.  

First I ripped out the middle row of seats (the back bench was already gone).  This left a decent size well, which is now my kitchen and pantry.
I also got rid of the carpet and most of the paneling.  The carpet was gross and the paneling took up usable space.
I installed a sub-floor, which leveled the whole space out, and created the storage area, where the middle row of seats were.  The trap door, is where I cook.  The extra eight inches is integral, as without that, the stove would be too close to the ceiling.
Then came the laminate flooring.  
Next, some shelving.
Another view of the shelving.
With all my crap.
A wider view of the crap.
And cooking bacon and drinking coffee!  


Sam said...

Looking good Duff!

Rebecca said...

Thanks, Sam! Maybe sometime when I'm converting one of these things, I'll be around there, and you can help me really deck it out.