Sunday, August 8, 2010

Going With It.

After two months of super-tightly planned activity (something new for me.  See Planning Ahead.), I've found myself, once again, with no plans and little driving ambition to do anything specific.  The morning Kali and I left Eureka and headed to Whitefish, I was open to anything.  I pondered the endless options open to me and realized that I would not be able to take any decisive action.  Nothing was pulling me strongly.  Knowing I have little money left and two months before my next planned job, did narrow things a bit, but still, the options were pretty much endless.  As it (always) turns out, no decision making was necessary in determining the next course of action.

Although I would have been perfectly happy to hang in Montana, another opportunity has presented itself, that seems even more perfect.  A house-sitting and farm work gig, in southern Oregon, one of my new favorite locales, has fallen in my lap.  I'm on my way.  Thank you very much.

This is where the balance between planning ahead and going with the flow is going to come into play.  "Going with it" to Oregon and staying in one spot for a minute and saving up a bit will allow me to plan ahead and execute the next adventures.  And since the adventures I have in mind involve body punishing activities, some routine will better allow me to properly prepare my body for the ass-kicking.

I have a few events in the next few months in mind.  Committing myself to those will allow me the freedom to focus on what is in front of me, instead of wondering about and contemplating the future.  It is as if I am free-er when I have some sort of parameters.  Hmmm.

So, it looks like more exciting times ahead.  Currently, I've been enjoying a nice few days of relaxing in Whitefish.  Ran a weekly road race put on by a friend, who has started a running club, since I left.  Ran on the new and partially completed Whitefish Trail.  Dance party last night.  Lots of sleeping and internetting.  Visiting friends.  Very chill.

Tomorrow, Kali and I are commencing the southward travel.  We'll take a "new for me" route back to Missoula, with a stop for a hike/run along the way.  We plan to kick it in Missoula for a few days, then possibly hit some hot springs en route to Boise, where Kali is flying out in a week.  I'll continue onward to southern Oregon, with a multitude of possibilities for fun along the way.  

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