Sunday, August 22, 2010

The Mothership

Mama in downtown Quincy, California

Thousands of miles and five months later and the Mothership still seems to be running strong.  Mama has turned out to be the most perfect summer road tripping vehicle.  She has taken me from Illinois to California to Montana to Oregon...and everywhere in between.  

The bedroom.  The high-tech shelving unit provides easy access to our everyday attire.

Mama not only gets me from one destination to another, but also serves as my and Kali's, home.  It is so unbelievably convenient to pull over, almost anywhere, and sleep comfortably.  I am so comfortable in Mama that even when offered indoor housing for the evening, I usually prefer to stay in the van.  Sleeping in my own bed, while still getting a regular change of scenery is the ultimate combination for me.  I hardly ever have to sacrifice a good night of sleep to be where I want to be. The only parking for sleeping restrictions is being flat and the considerations for peeing in the middle of the night.  As long as I'll be able to get up, considering it might already be light out, and pee, the spot will work.  

The under-the-bed storage houses lesser used and other season gear.
Mama's third major function after vehicle and bed, is a giant closet on wheels.  Everything I own is with me.  This is so nice.  For many years, I had my belongings spread across the country.  Now I have everything at my disposal at all times.  Since I like to play in every season and climate I have a hefty amount of crap.  Having this size of a vehicle is awesome for storage, but as I've learned, it doesn't matter if I'm living out of a backpack, a car, or a house...I'm going to fill every square inch with as much crap as I can.  Luckily, organization is a hobby of mine.  The organizational system in this van is an on-going work of art/science, that improves everyday.

good times.
happy hour!
A large amount of time is spent hanging out in Mama.  She is as comfortable as any living room with many of the same amenities.  We spend hours reading, writing, playing the mandolin and watching stuff on the computer (usually episodes of 30 Rock) parked wherever we feel like it.  If we are in a town, we can usually find a place to park where we can pick up a wireless internet connection.  There is no stove set up inside (yet), but it is not difficult to find a place to fire up the stove between the double side doors.

So, I love Mama.  She has been so good to me.  I can't express how grateful I am to Mike and Sue (my uncle and aunt) for giving her to me.  I doubt that they had any idea what I had in store for her.  Receiving her has really dictated my plans for the last six months and allowed me to do some things that I have always wanted to.  Not only do them, but do them comfortably and in style.  It has been a ridiculously, fun-packed six months.  Hopefully, the next six will be just as fun.  

I am starting to formulate some plans, but its pretty wide open.  I'm currently in Oregon, housitting, enjoying a healthy balance of running and chilling out.  I think I'll be around here for a while.  It is an easy place to be.  I have just registered for the Triple Ripple Trail Festival on Orcas Island at the beginning of October.  I'm pumped for this one.  It is a new event that sounds so fun.  Other than that, I don't have many plans.  I have decided I want to be somewhere where I can ski/snowboard this winter.  Maybe in Oregon.  Maybe anywhere.  I'm sure it will work it out for itself.  Depending on where I am and how much snow there is might have an impact on Mama, but until then I plan to thoroughly enjoy all the comforts she has to offer.

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