Thursday, January 6, 2011


As the mercury rises here in Winter Park, Colorado, I begin to thaw from a week a sub-zero temps. More manageable temperatures alllow for extended outside play and I find myself in an enjoyable cycle of snowboarding, telemark skiing, cross-country skiing, skate skiing, and running.  Despite the packed schedule, overall, I would describe my winter experience, thus far, as extremely chill.

View from living room.
With the holiday rush behind us, work is also incredibly chill.  Basically just showing up for a few hours in the morning and a few at night gets me my montly salary, ski pass, room and board.  It is easy living.  Perhaps too easy.  While I think the routine is good for me and perfect for getting in shape, I don't know how long I will last.

Mama is just sitting out there in the parking lot, begging me to hop in and go find some adventure.  I'm an addict.  Although this place is everything I want, the unknown is more appealing.  Lack of funds are the only reason I can think of to stay.  And I want to become proficient at telemark skiing before departure.  Other than, please.

I do not yet know, what I'll do.  Stay or go?  Either will be fun.  Like most instances, I probably won't have to take any decisive action.  Something will give.  Until then, I'll be here...chillin'.

...and cleaning toilets.

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